Plush Dolls

Custom Plush Doll Manufacturer

Bobo’s Toys is a leading manufacturer of plush dolls in the local and international market, providing our clients with versatile high-quality products. Product offerings include plush dolls that can be customized to meet customer and market demands.

From fabric, dimensions and doll designs to printing and packaging, we are your one-stop solution for unique animal plush dolls.

Get new ideas and inspiration for your next project from the pictures below. Each photo illustrates how our customers’ ideas and our fine craftsmanship are integrated into a one-of-a-kind piece.

*Please note that the presented plush toys are only for the customization effects reference, and not for sale, unless you can get authorization for it.

Outstanding Features of Bobo's Plush Dolls

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    Bright Color

    Capture your market with brightly colored plush dolls with amazing details that truly stand out.

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    Detailed Embroidery

    Express a unique style of branding with detailed embroidery on each plush doll.

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    Nontoxic Material

    We use nontoxic materials, making our toys safe to play with for children of any age.

Business Benefits
From A Qualified Plush Dolls Manufacturer

  • High-Quality Fabrics

    Carefully-selected high quality fabrics are used in making our plush dolls, ensuring long-lasting and durable toys for your market.

  • Latest Trends

    Our design team is caught up with the latest trends in the plush doll market, allowing us to provide you with competitive products.

  • Proven System

    The design team is meticulously trained to use effective and efficient processing techniques made to save you time and money.

  • Dedicated One-on-One Service

    We work one-on-one with all our clients to craft, develop and execute online marketing strategies that are tailored to each individual business.

Want to Customize Your Plush Toy?