Quality Production

A Strong Factory At Your Side

  • 10,000m2

    Factory Area
  • 3,000,000 pcs/year

    Annual Production Capacity
  • 8

    Production Lines
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Benefits for Sourcing Raw Materials from Reliable Suppliers

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    We only utilize sustainable and biodegradable fabrics that are safe & environmentally friendly.

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    Consistent GSM

    The accuracy of our GSM ensures your entire plush toy orders are completely the same as the sample we sent.

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    Lower Prices

    By sourcing fabrics directly from textile manufacturers, we offer our plush toys at competitive prices.

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    Faster Lead Time

    Our strong manufacturing capabilities translate into the quick delivery of your plush toys.

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    Known Brands

    Bobo sources recycled fabrics, plush stuffing and other materials from certified brands like GRS and Okotex100.

Careful Fabrics Detection Done by Skilled Workers

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    Color Comparison

    We use Pantone color cards and confirmation samples to do color contrasts, making sure we are accurate with your plush toy colors.

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    GSM Testing

    We test the GSM standards of our fabric with advanced cutting instruments, ensuring your plush toys are in excellent condition..

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    Size Measurement

    With a professional cloth inspection machine, we create the fabric cuts of precise width and length for quality plush toys.

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    Color Fastness Testing

    To make sure our fabrics have better colorfastness, we place them in water and rub it until we get white cloth to check for fading. Besides, other relevant tests will be conducted as per your requirements.

A Variety of Stuffing for Your Choice

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Efficient Manufacturing from Start to Finish

  • We utilize laser cutters, punching, and ironing equipment to create precise small pieces for efficient assembly of your plush toys.



  • Computer embroidery is generally utillized for your logo ,simple details and complex designs, while simple details such as eyes, nose and arms & legs are meticulously handcrafted.



  • Each detail of your plush toy, as well as your brand logo, is added with our printing table and other equipment.



  • Our skillful team sews the fiber pieces to create the shape of your plush toy by hand only.



  • The plastic eyes and nose for teddy bear or stuffed animals are carried out with air press and hot melt process.


    Hot Melt

  • We stuff your plush toys automatically with cotton-filling machines and manually insert cotton in specific toys.


    Filling Cotton

  • To make sure the seams are strong and the details are accurate, our workers manually sew the shape of your plush toy.


    Sewing Seams

  • The appearance of each finished product is checked for size distortion to guarantee the visual appeal of the plush toys.


    Appearance Inspection

  • Our skillful workers check that the ends of the threads are secure and will not come loose so as not to cause harm to children.


    Checking Seams

  • We use a needle detector to find and remove any needles, making sure your orders are safe for your customers.


    Detecting Needles

  • We place your toys in the packaging of your choice while preserving the quality needed for your toys’ marketable presentation.



  • Working with precision and accuracy, Bobo's is able to deliver your bulk orders within a short time for order date.



Explore Our Workshops

  • Raw Material Workshop

  • Tailoring workshop

  • Embroidery Workshop

  • Sewing Workshop

  • Cotton Stuffed Workshop

  • Handmade Sewing Workshop

  • Packaging Workshop

  • Finished Products Warehouse

Examine Your Plush Toys Piece by Piece

Bobo's Toys performs a full inspection of your plush toys to help you increase your customers' trust.

  • Having a thorough inspection on the finished sewed plush skin, our engineers focus on the correct cuttings and splicing of fabrics, the proper processing of gates, ensuring the exact detail modeling without holes.

  • Each component hot-glued to your plush toys is inspected to ensure it's firmly attached. Preventing the plastic parts such eyes and nose from falling helps avoid the risks for children to swallow them by mistakes.

  • Our team looks for any defects on your plush toys, including faded colors, weak seams, and loose threads, and checks them manually, ensuring that they are well stuffed and look as good as the sampling without any holes on them.

  • With innovative tensile testing equipment, we perform different pull tests on eyes & nose and stitch closure to ensure a superior tensile force of your plush toys in compliant with toy testing standards

  • To comply with global safety standards, we use a needle or metal detector to find any metal chip, or broken & loose needles in the stuffing.

  • Our QC manager will have the finished goods randamly checked in accordance with the standards of the inspection companies before shipment.

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    Hot Melt Test
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    Visual Inspection
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    Pull Test
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    Metal Detection
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    Finishing Production Inspection

Want to Customize Your Plush Toy?