Your Project, Our Process

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  • Design Review

  • Prototyping

  • Production & Quality Control

  • Custom Packaging

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    01 Consultation

    Through our experienced project consultants, we obtain all pertinent and information regarding the order request, including design ideas and target market. During this free consultation, we also provide opinions and recommendations to improve the initial design.

    Inside Tip:

    This initial consultation takes little time to complete, usually done within 12 hours. Providing the project consultant with exact information and concepts will make the consultation more accurate and efficient.

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    02 Quote

    As a manufacturer of custom plush toys and products, our price quotes are dependent on the product requirements, including size, design details, packaging and quantity. The quote also covers safety and quality testing of the products, as well as constant updates about the production timeline, keeping you on top of the process.

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    03 Design Review

    Understanding your needs based on the information gained from the initial consultation, our designers provide professional advice to help realize and improve your concept.


    Backed by more than 20 years of design experience in the industry, our designers are experts in creating visually appealing and highly-marketable products for your target audience.

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    04 Prototyping

    After the product design is finalized, a prototype of the design will be made, which will then be sent to you for confirmation. We will make changes to the prototypes based on your feedback, and revisions will be done until we achieve a sample that speaks strongly about your brand.

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    05 Production & Quality Control

    Once the sample is confirmed, production goes into full-swing, with the first batch or products becoming available as early as 30 days.


    Quality is consistently monitored during this stage, ensuring that the final product will have the same quality and features as the prototype. The manufactured products are subjected to safety testing to confirm that they meet safety standards.

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    06 Custom Packaging

    We complete your product with eye-catching and durable packaging that complements the product and your brand identity.


    We offer different packaging materials to realize the packaging concept, including plastic bags and custom color boxes. Additionally, we also have eco-friendly and nontoxic packaging options like kraft paper, recycled polybags, and recycled cardboard boxes.

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    07 Delivery

    Within short time and according to our timeline, we ensure that all our plush toys are delivered to you safely. You can monitor for any updates by communicating with us.


    Our delivery performance is quick enough for you to receive your soft toys without delay. Coming to you at little cost, our freight and shipping availability eases your concerns about product delivery.

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